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Affording Rumsey Hall School

Welcome to the Rumsey Hall School's Financial Aid Program, crafted to ensure that a Rumsey education is within reach for all families. We understand that independent school education can be a significant investment, and we’re committed to assisting families in making it possible. Upon acceptance of admission, financial aid is determined based on demonstrated financial need and fund availability and does not affect a student’s application for admission. 

Our process utilizes the Clarity Application, a tool schools use to evaluate a family's financial requirements based on information provided in the application. This encompasses details such as assets, income, expenses, and debts. Families who come to Rumsey paying full tuition should expect to pay full tuition throughout their time at the school, barring any significant life event such as serious illness, job loss, etc.

Financial Aid Application Deadlines

To receive priority consideration for financial aid, you must file the Clarity application according to the instructions by the deadlines below.  Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed based on the availability of funds. 

January 1, 2024 – Returning Students
January 15, 2024 – New Students 

Getting Started

Initiating your journey is as simple as creating an account on the Clarity Application platform. The application is designed to be completed in under 30 minutes, offering convenience and efficiency, and can be accessed from a computer or mobile device. Upon completion, a $60 fee is required for submission. 

  • Families must submit a financial aid application each academic year to determine eligibility for assistance.
  • A student must be in good academic standing while also upholding the values and ethos of the school is essential to continue benefiting from financial aid.
  • In cases of separation or divorce, custodial and non-custodial parents must complete separate financial aid applications to ensure accurate evaluation of financial aid needs.
Support in Completing the Application

For questions related to completing the application, support is accessible within the Clarity application via the "Help" button, email, and phone at or 206-210-3752.

In keeping with our commitment to a diverse community, Rumsey Hall abides by all applicable federal and state laws and does not discriminate based on any protected characteristic, including race, color, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, or disability. 

We are committed to helping students and families pursue their educational goals by removing financial barriers which would otherwise discourage or prohibit attendance by qualified students who lack adequate resources.

Applying for financial aid can be manageable. We encourage you to visit the Financial Aid FAQs and contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions or concerns.





Aline Rossiter
Director of Financial Aid and 
Assistant Director of Enrollment

860-868-0535 X110 or

Request Admission Information

Campus Visits

Campus Visits: Monday through Friday 
We look forward to welcoming you to campus, where you can experience the heart and soul of the Rumsey community. Please contact or 860-868-0535 to schedule a student-led tour. You can meet with the admission team, ask questions, and tell us about your child.